School View Point

Developing Learners' Autonomy

Students at a certain stage develop physically and mentally. Hence, this stage of learning needs specially designed and balanced education system which will be ensured by our school's policy and planning. In addition to that our classes are designed to develop learners' autonomy which helps the students to become confident enough to work independently with minimum supervision.


Students learn not only from their texts but also from their surroundings. We encourage our students to open their eyes to look around and acquire knowledge from their friends, teachers, elders, and their environment. This is the age where young people start to become aware of their surroundings, and we encourage them to explore it.


Education System of Our School 


New Blown has developed its own education system and the aim of this system is to deliver a holistic education program which combines the core competencies of the national curricula. We want to provide a tailor-made systematic approach to ensure effective learning.

Our education system contains moral and cultural values which is appropriate for any stages of individual developments.  



New Blown's Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) is an independent department that oversees the academic program.


What do we do in the Curriculum Development Unit?

 We spend a lot of time thinking about what to teach our students. We work hard to upgrade what to teach, how to teach and when to teach. We want to ensure that a high standard of education is delivered uniformedly at all levels of the school.