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About New Blown

In New Blown, we provide a well-structured and organized school leaving course for the students placing equal emphasis on Bangla and English. We consider proficiency in both English and Bangla to be the cornerstone of a well-rounded education for the students of our country. New Blown's mission is to build knowledgeable and independent young individuals, who are equipped to tackle head-on the challenges of the modern-day "global village", both academically and professionally. New Blown was founded in 2009 by the eminent persons of society. New Blown campuses are now located in three key areas at Tongi city; however, all operate in rented premises. The first campus at Auchpara is the first custom-built premise that houses students of Class Play to Std-V both in Bangla Medium and English Version. The new campus at Dattapara is the second built campus which will eventually comprise of the complete range of education for the students of Dattapara.